The End of the Era of Local Devices for Video Monitoring

With the growing progress of technology in every field of life, there is also a need to revolutionize the security devices to make our precious assets invincible. Security cameras are the need of every business. They are serving and assisting us like security guards to protect our valuable assets.

A person sitting at a distant place can view talk and listen to what is happening at a particular location. Every year, homeowners, small businesses, and even big organizations are spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars to get the best solutions for their security concerns. CCTV cameras with Digital DVR have been considered safe and last solution for all security concerns for Loss Prevention in the Small Business.

But the question is, are the Digital DVR and other video surveillance systems are still secure, reliable, and safe for top security concerns? This is the question that is arising in every owner’s mind when it comes to secure the home, business, or warehouse. The reason behind it is because burglars and intruders are also getting more technical and ways to cheat any security system.

Issues You are Facing With Old System:

No one can leave his house, business, or organization to weak security. No doubt, most of the people are still using CCTV and digital DVR to protect their business or house from intruders. Even, many issues could leave your home or business security at risk.

1. No Extra Features:

The significant disadvantage of CCTV systems is a deprecated technology. It can’t classify objects, make face recognition, ALPR, and other function which are important in modern life.

2. DVR Systems Can Be Stolen Easily:

As we are making developments in technology, intruders are also utilizing new strategies and tactics to defeat Digital DVR security. Many cases are being reported every month, where intruders cheat the security system that makes the robbery easy. They can steal the DVR box, hard-drive, and cassettes that would cause loss of your data and all the recordings. There would be no proof left.

With, there is no possibility of data theft. All the recordings will be saved on the cloud, and you can access anytime and from anywhere.

3. Installation Issues:

While installing Analog CCTV System, you always require having cables and cords. It requires some electric mechanic to do all the process and connect all the cameras with Digital DVR. Moreover, after passing some years, the cable may get damaged by weather in case of outside camera installations. Sometimes, cable connectors also get lost, thus you need time to time technicians help to resolve the issues and also need to pay extra charges.

4. Lack of Unlimited Storage:

With Analog CCTV System, you get limited storage. After passing some months, you need to delete the old recordings to get space for further recordings. So, you can’t get enough room to have unlimited storage for many months. Let’s see how low storage can create security issues.

For example:

If you have installed security cameras for loss prevention in small businesses, and you and your whole staff are going for a long trip or vacations, you need more storage to record everything until you get back to your business or home. But due to having limited storage, maybe your cameras do not record some videos. At this point, you need to reconsider your security cameras’ storage needs. Camdog AI Cloud-based services recommend you have cloud-based storage.

5. Digital DVR and Security Concerns:

Today, intruders are more technical and mastermind. They understand well how to make any robbery successful without getting caught by the eyes of security cameras. Analog CCTV System comes with cables, so if intruders know where the wires are coming from, they disconnect the wires first. Sometimes, they also take the DVR hard disk with them and leave no pieces of evidence behind. Thus we recommend cloud-based cam-security for loss prevention in small businesses. If there are no cables, then there will also be no chances for intruders to cheat or bypass the security of your home or business as they will find no wires to cut OR Digital DVR hard drive to destroy.

Cloud Video Surveillance is Secure and Making Life Easier:

Like DVR and security cameras installation, there is no need of hiring time to time technicians to deal with cameras and cables installation issues. Once you have installed the cameras at certain places, they would detect your home WiFi and get connected. Moreover, they would start saving their recording of your chosen cloud storage plan.

2. Super Easy to Access:

As compare to Digital DVR, you don’t need to access your recording only from a particular place. With Cloud Video Surveillance, you can access any record from anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is to open your cloud security camera app, connect using specific log in information, and watch any recording. You can also set your preference regarding video recordings and storage.

3. No Fear of Data Theft:

Since all the recordings are being recorded on cloud storage, you don’t need to worry even about intruders with mastermind skills. Now, they cannot escape from the digital camera eyes. They can’t find wires and storage hard drives to take away with them.

4. Get Unlimited Space With Cloud:

Now, you can go on long holidays without getting worried about your Digital DVR limited hard drive storage. With Cloud Video Monitoring, you can expand your cloud recording storage anytime. Just change your subscription package and get a bigger storage plan where you can store more recordings for many months or even for a year.

5. A Secure and Reliable System:

Don’t be tricked by cheap Analog CCTV System to save some dollars and still hoping for Loss Prevention in the Small Business. Cloud storage is much safer and secure. Due to their end-to-end encryption, the system is not easy to hack.

Choose Better Home & Business Security:

We recommend buying your camera devices from a recognized and well-reputed company that is keeping their systems up to date to avoid Cloud Video Monitoring security issues. We are proudly offering Camdog AI Cloud-based services. To make life easier and secure, why not try our Cloud Video Surveillance services? There is nothing precious than a happy life and a satisfied mind. We are available 24/7 and so glad to assist you. We are



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